Since 1999 we are involved in Smalltalk language IT project. However the Smalltalk programming language is less known and popular comapred to others, its great advantage for the developers is its clean object-oriented philosophy and architecture. According to our practice, this advantage also appears in the quality of the resulting work.

The benefit for the end user is the portability (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) and the short development time which results in short contracting deadlines as well.

We recommend Smalltalk for urgent or complicated developemnt projects concentrating on internal or background processing, meanwhile it is also possible to create web applications or thick-client installations as well where client side processing is an advantage.

1 Smalltalk developer = 2.5 C++ developers. 1 C++ Developer = 1.5 Java developers
Mark Driver, Gartner Blog Network, 2008

Project examples: